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Launching Mentoring Moments

In my previous article on the Badassery of Self-Promotion: Why it’s NOT a Swear Word, I highlighted the importance of self-promotion and provided three key elements to get started, hopefully hold yourself accountable to how you do so. Read to date 3138 times, with generated feedback resulting in the request of additional information on how to solicit a personal board of directors or requests for mentorship. Say no more!

In response to this, I’ve created Part 1 of what I like Mentoring Moments. Mentoring Moments is inspired by the incredible feedback into the content that has been created from the website and the newsletter, and that each and every one of you have engaged me on. Mentoring Moments will be two 30 minute sessions of mentoring available every months to two subscribers of the newsletter. It will be a first click, first serve opportunity. The newsletter comes out every last Thursday of the month at 10h00 CAT,CET.

In addition to this, I’ve created this Mentoring Moments Resource , which is an 18 page eBook consisting of career insights into relationship building, self-promotion and positioning yourself for your career, inclusive of tools and templates to get you started.

Download your copy for free, and we will meet again this coming Thursday in your inbox.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to subscribe to the newsletter, then join the newsletter community of over 400 by simply subscribing and you’ll get a welcome email with  an ebook on Monitoring and Evaluation, Funding List for Women-owned Businesses and other resources for your business.






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