Gender Parity
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What if I told you that by not investing in women, you are missing out on a 63% return on investment? Or as this article states, a risk on investment and losing out on great deals due to gender biases. This is what it takes to Fund the Female (owned) Economy.

Gender Parity
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The current gender funding gap in Africa currently exists at $42 billion, and small steps are being taken to approach business with a gender lens. There are many opportunities to become gender smart, however in this article, we highlight 5 of the leading gender-lens funds on the continent, who are doing it with a difference.

Gender Parity
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Written by Arese Agwu, this book follows the lives of 5 young and professional African women and their journeys to financial freedom, or as the title prefaces, to being a smart money woman, and what that means in this current climate on the African continent. Concepts like black tax and the financial burden of dealing with funerals. all beautifully narrated through storytelling.