Top 20 Podcasts for Inclusive Development, Investing and Strategy for your Business

Impact Development
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Are you interested in the best podcasts on building your inclusive, innovative business? Searching for answers on what impact investing is, and receiving resources that you can implement in your investment and growth strategy? This list, contains answers in brilliant conversations.

Whether you're working from home, or in your car or public transport on your way to work or simply looking for an outlet to be inspired and informed, a podcast is always a good idea. It’s a medium that has seen a great surge over the years, with a range of sectors and topics covered. In this article, I’ll share some of my top podcasts covering Inclusive Development and Investing (Impact) and Innovation Strategy from regions including and not limited to Africa, North America and the UK; let’s have a look (and listen):

Inclusive Development

This particular category focuses on podcasts that dedicate their content to inclusive development across diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, economic development and regional and international relations globally. Some of my favourite episodes from the selected podcasts below include A Conversation with Rebecca Enonchong” by The Flip Africa, Diaspora Talks with Annette Abena’s Investing in Africa” and IMF Podcast’s Kristalina Georgieva on Gender Parity: Inequalities Erode Society”. What’s important to recognise about these podcasts is that various stakeholders are contributing to the conversations are entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors and professionals who deliver stellar insights in their expertise.

  1. The Flip Africa by Justin Norman
  2. Mashstarup Podcast by Lutcha
  3. SheBrigade by Pelontle Mosimege
  4. Exchanges at Goldman Sachs by Goldman Sachs
  5. The Development Podcast by The World bank Group
  6. Unleash Africa Podcast by John Akhile
  7. The Impact Podcast by Innov8social
  8. Making SMEs Matter by Marnus Broodryk
  9. Diaspora Talks with Annette Abena by Diaspora Talks

Investing (impact)

With the assault of climate change, global health outbreaks and pandemics and heightened conversations on diversity and inclusion, global investment conversations and funds have shifted over the past few years to be bedded in the triple-bottom line return on investment also under the alias of impact investing. These selected podcasts not only cover stories of what’s happening at that present time like Equity’s “The VCs behind Libra, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency”, breaking down how the science of data and its intelligence impacts VC decisions with Venture Stories in “Using Data in Venture Capital with Jonathan Hsu” and how the entertainment industry prepared Ashton Kutcher for his VC career in his interview with The Twenty Minute VC in “Ashton Kutcher on Early Lessons from Investing in Airbnb and Spotify, Why VC Ownership Requirements are Becoming More and More Egregious & What Being Good at Product Truly Means”.

  1. Venture Stories by Village Global
  2. The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital │Startup Funding │ The Pitch by Harry Stebbings
  3. Equity by TechCrunch
  4. A16z podcast with Andreessen Horowitz

Innovation Strategy

The differentiator of this category for me, is the resources that are provided post the interviews as well as during the interviews. The structures of the shows allow for the viewer to engage with the content and the strategies provided in the episodes, as well as in the show notes are centred around innovative best practices for entrepreneurs, individuals and greater corporations.  Inside the Strategy Room’s “How to take the Measure of Innovation” paired with Negotiate Anything’s Negotiation Preparation Guide will prepare you to tap into the innovation strategist in you and negotiate the terms of it, and one of my favourite from HBR Ideacast’s “How to have a Relationship and a Career” focuses on the shared value element of relationship, and the couple interviewed have some unorthodox measures placed in their relationship that I know you’ll enjoy.

  1. Masters in Business by Bloomberg Radio
  2. Negotiate Anything by Kwame Christian Esq.,M.A.
  3. Access and Opportunity with Carla Harris by Morgan Stanley
  4. HBR Ideacast by Harvard Business Review
  5. Inside the Strategy Room by McKinsey Strategy and Corporate Finance
  6. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman by WaitWhat
  7. Acquired by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal

Some honourable mentions for me across these sectors include Vision 2030 and Africa Gender Indaba by Channel Africa, Jeff’s Asia Tech Class by Jeffrey Towson and The Women in Tech Show: A Technical Podcast by Edaena Salinas. I listen to my podcasts via Google Play, but other platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher also host these shows, with some having their own websites where you can stream and listen to. Whatever your preferred channel, I hope you have a listen to these 20 (now plus) podcasts that I’ve curated, and I hope that you enjoy them. I’d love to hear from you on what podcasts you’re enjoying, and which platforms you’re streaming them from.


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